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Ready to learn more? Let us provide you with a quote for upgrading to VoIP phones. The transition is quick and seamless. Click here to contact us for your customized quote.

*Bottom Line – VoIP Is The Future*

Do you want to cut your phone bill by 20% – 30% and present a better communication platform with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology?​


Building a new office from scratch or modifying an existing business facility? Let us provide you with a quote for upgrading to VoIP service from one of our many providers.​ Don't have the right network infrastructure set up?  We can also run the data cable necessary for your phone system.

VoIP technology is perfect for businesses of all sizes.  Whether you are operating in a dental, medical, hospital or other business facility, VoIP is a perfect solution for your telecommunication needs.  It provides an enhanced communication platform, an abundance of features that increase staff productivity and is very easy to customize.

Are you paying for on-site phone equipment in your office that you have to service and upgrade?  With VOIP phone technology, everything is in the cloud – meaning you don’t risk losing or paying for new equipment.

In addition, VOIP solutions from companies such as Vonage and Nextiva offer additional computer and smartphone features, with apps and programs designed to make communication easier in your dental, medical, or business office.  You can turn your smartphone into an extension of your office phone — meaning you can place outgoing and incoming calls on the go!


7 Advantages Of Using VoIP

Cost Benefits

If you have an internet provider, you’re already set to begin using VoIP. VoIP utilizes the internet to transmit calls rather than telecommunications line configurations that standard office phones use. This translates into a host of cost saving opportunities including the elimination of long distance calling fees.  It can also be up-scaled or down-scaled as needed, by adding or subtracting lines. This will allow you to re-allocate funds toward building your business rather than paying off excessive phone bills.

Phone & Service Mobility

Wherever you travel, your phone can come with you. Unlike landline legacy phone systems, each VOIP phone can be configured with a specific phone number. This means that as long as there is an internet data line available, each phone can be transferred within a building, or even across the country all while maintaining a specific phone number and the same great features that come along with it.

Auto Attendant

This feature functions as a receptionist while maintaining or creating a professional sound. Callers can choose from a list of menu options such as a specific department, extension or employee.  It can also be customized to generate different greetings for business hours, holiday hours, after hours etc.


Call Screening & Redirection

Not only is caller ID available, but each call can be redirected to a specific phone line or voicemail.



Host business meetings anywhere with your VoIP phone.


Voicemail to email transfer

Voicemail to email transfer takes your voicemails and transcribes them into an email format. This means rather than furiously writing down key details on notepad, you can now simply read the key details of a voicemail (email) as needed.


All the features of a traditional business phone included

Do not disturb (DND), call holding, call transfer, call hunt, custom hold music, virtual faxing, find me and more.


VoIP Phone Systems

      The Future of Business Phone Systems...       

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