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ICW Elite 5120 Single Arm Ceiling Mount

The ICW Elite 5120 Single Arm Ceiling Mount is a flexible mount designed to provide effortless movement.  With its 21" of vertical adjustment, 27" of horizontal reach, 360° or screen and arm rotation and 50° of screen tilt, this mount is sure to provide ideal screen placement for content viewing.  A key compenent in the mount, the VESA ball at the monitor allows for fine-tuning movements.  The mount's arm channels conceal and protect cables, creating a more professional look, while the mount's built in rotation stops prevent wires from twisting.  Ideal for healthcare and dentistry.  Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

*Available in 5 Colors*

To Customize This Mount, Call: 704-442-2946

Customization Options Include:

  • Mount Configurations For: Ceiling, Desk, Floor, Pole, Wall

  • Ceiling Pole Lengths (5", 12", 24', 36")

    • &  Much More​


Ideal for Healthcare and Dental Operatories


  • Monitor is suspended from the ceiling, freeing up precious wall space.

  • With the Elite 5120 Single Arm Ceiling Mount, your monitor can be positioned exactly where needed.

  • Monitor handle protects the monitor and provides a firm hand-hold.

  • This mounting arm lifts vertically, extends horizontally and rotates 360° at both the ceiling mount and at the end of the arm for complete control of viewing angle.

  • The Elite 5120 Single Arm Ceiling Mount is counter-balanced, making it effortless to move in any direction.

  • Internal cable management protects wires, simplifies cleaning and creates a neater appearance.

  • Durable powder coated finish stands up to rigorous disinfecting.

Part #: ELQ5120-C8X12-MW

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