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Ultra 180 Under-Cabinet

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ICW Ultra 180 Undercabinet Monitor Mount

The ICW Ultra 10 Undercabinet Monitor Mount is a great solution for office, medical or dental environments with its three range of motion options, which provide great versatility. 

Monitor smoothly glides 28″ horizontally on an undercabinet track.

  • Provides outstanding reach for an undercabinet monitor.

  • Takes advantage of unused undercabinet space.

  • The unique and patented Ultra 180 arm provides 180° of vertical arm rotation and up to 270° of horizontal rotation for a monitor.

  • ICW’s ball visa provides the monitor with 6-way tilt, pan and rotate capability.

  • The Ultra 180 stows snugly under the counter when not in use, making it the perfect choice for tight spaces.

The Ultra 180 and 182 arms are protected by U.S. Patent 9,243,743.

*Available in 5 Colors*

To Customize This Mount, Call: 704-442-2946

Customization Options Include:

  • D1- Desk Puck

  • AS1 - Short Extension Arm

  • A1 - Standard Extension Arm


Part #: UL180I-BV-TS28-D1

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