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ICW Elite 5216 Double Arm Wall Mount

 The Elite 5216 Double Arm Wall Mount is a sit-stand work station that allows for 30" of vertical adjustment and up to 64" or horizontal reach.  Eliminate the chance of getting or increasing back pain with a mount that has the versatility to follow you as you move.  This sit stand work station holds a monitor and is designed with a sliding keyboard and mousetray.  It can be mounted on a desk, wall, wall track, or pole.

To Customize This Mount, Call: 704-442-2946


*Available in 5 Colors*


Part #: ELP5216-WT-KUS

Ideal for Healthcare and Dental
The Elite 5216 Double Arm Wall Mount provides finger-light movement, optimum viewing angles and unsurpassed reach, making it ideal for healthcare and dental environments. The arm is simple to adjust and effortless to use so caregivers can focus on the patient. The monitor tilts, swivels and rotates, reducing screen glare and easing neck, back and eye strain. The Elite 5216 arm is available as a wall mount, wall track mount, pole mount or desk mount.

Fully Adjustable Monitor
The Elite 5216 computer mounting arm supports the monitor with a Paralink adjustor that enables the monitor to move 6″ (15.2 cm) vertically on sliding rails. The Paralink also provides 5″ (12.7 cm) of parallel forward monitor adjustment and 360° of screen swivel. ICW’s ball VESA attachment enables 6-way tilt and rotate of the monitor.

Keyboard Adjustability


  • The keyboard tray swivels independently from the monitor.

  • The standard keyboard tray and Keyboard Ultra Slide tray adjust easily to positive, neutral and negative tilt for greatest ergonomic comfort.

  • Both the standard keyboard tray and Keyboard Ultra Slide tray flip up 90 degrees to stow compactly next to the monitor.

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