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Audio / Video

     Seeing AND Hearing is Believing...       

Audio/Video and Multi-Media Technology Solutions
for Dental, Medical, Commercial, and Select Residential Settings
  • We provide full Audio/Video integration, including HD video distribution, sound systems with keypad control, central A/V equipment racks and more.

  • Dental Offices — Our multi-media technology not only helps patients relax and feel at ease, but also provides a more enjoyable place for your staff members to work.

  • Having the latest Audio-Video technology in your practice or business is a key element in creating a positive impression on patients and customers, setting you apart from the competition.

The Backbone to any Office is it’s cabling

        From design to installation, we can provide all the Audio/Video and Network cabling and configuration for your medical or dental office.  Examples of cables we utilize include: HDMI, CAT6 / Data Cable, RG-6, and RG-59, Speaker Cable, Component Video Cable, phone, and more.  Cable installations are provided for new or existing offices.  Having the right type of cable will keep you in line with technology for years to come. 


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