Patient Monitor Mount Solutions

TV Mount Dental Education - Flexview ProStudies have shown that patients remember only 11% of what they hear, but 83% of what they see.  How well can you “Show and Tell” patient education and treatment options to your patients?  Having a platform to present your educational and entertainment content is of essential importance to your business practice.

Let us help you find the right patient viewing monitor system that will help give your patients the ultimate experience in case presentation, patient education, and entertainment.

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 Flexview HD Systems

Presentation of X Rays on TV Monitor - Flexview ProHow is the view from your chair?  Are your monitors out of view of the patient, so they have to turn around to view X-Rays?

The Flexview HD Systems are patient viewing monitor mounts that will conveniently display all your multi-media content to your patients on a High Definition TV monitor.  The Flexviews are flexible enough to be positioned right in front or above your patients while they sit in the operatory chair.

In addition, it’s not only great for dental practices, but the monitor mounts can also be used in medical, hospital, university, and other commercial settings.

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Choice Media – Your Custom Video FeedChoice Media Patient Education

You have an important window of opportunity with each patient as they sit in your waiting room and operatory chair.  How are you capturing their attention during that time?

Instead of having patients read magazines or watch cable TV, offer them Choice Media!  Choice Media can be tailor made to offer a blend of educational and entertaining content, and shown on HDTVs throughout the office.  Not only will this be fun for patients to watch, but it will also market and promote you.

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VOIP Phone Systems

VOIP Vonage

Are you still paying too much for phone service — and using outdated landline phone technology?

We can help you cut your phone bill by 20% – 30%, and present a better communication platform with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.  We work with a wide range of VOIP providers, from Vonage to Nextiva, and so we can find the best, most affordable provider for you.

Curious how to get a Voice over IP system in your dental, medical, or business office?

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Audio Video Technology:

Audio Video Orthodontist patient game areaImpact Media Systems provides leading edge multi-media technology, in settings ranging from dental & medical practices to home theaters.  The backbone behind any system is its cabling, and we specialize in running low voltage cable for standard and High Definition video, audio sound systems, infrared remote control, and IT computer cabling, whether it be for entertainment or education.

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Dental Lights

LED Dental Light

Impact Media carries wall, ceiling, and track mounted dental lights — both halogen and LED options.

In addition, we have an LED light that can retrofit to many existing lights, making the upgrade to LED more affordable than ever!

Interesting in adding a patient viewing TV mount to your dental track light — we have that solution too!

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Flexview and MagnaVu Dental - Monitor MountsThe MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope was designed to allow Medical and Dental professionals and their staff to perform most procedures from a more correct, heads-up relaxed position, similar to those in a hospital surgical room.

Thanks to the MagnaVu PS3’s incredible depth-of-field (over 4inches), it produces precise, clear, highly magnified images, which often eliminate the need for magnified loops or microscopes and reduce eyestrain. Give your neck and back the ergonomic benefit of using the MagnaVu during medical and dental procedures.

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Intra-Oral Camera

Intraoral camera dental

The Digital Doc IRIS™ camera is a true USB 2.0 Intra-oral Dental Camera.  It is rated as one of the top cameras on the market, and has consistently been the most popular camera on the market. With this camera, everything is integrated within the hand piece, including a USB 2.0 connector that plugs into your computer for fast image downloading and easy viewing.

Some of its features include: Dual capture buttons for easy left and right hand use, set slide focus that lets you move from close-ups to wide-angle shot, and integration with most software. Bring your images to life by displaying them on a patient TV monitor such as the Flexview System.

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Dental SideKick – Patient Education Software

Dental Sidekick Patient EducationThe Dental SideKick is an interactive chair-side patient education program, designed to assist in delivering quick visual explanations of procedures to patients. Over 300 treatment illustrations/animations are available, along with over 30 treatment videos, all which help to bring treatment explanations to life.

Features include emailing or printing treatment options, adding your own cases to the procedure list, and a Smile Imaging program — all great ways to enhance patient case acceptance. Contact us to learn more about this patient educational software.

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