Nothing moves like a Flexview Monitor System!

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The Flexview HD

What is the most important factor in a patient viewing monitor? — Location, location, location!

The ability to ideally locate a monitor in front of the patient for education and entertainment is of essential importance.  The dental operatory and medical exam rooms can present unique challenges for placing visual media where it can be easily seen by the patient, which can result in less than ideal monitor placement.

These challenges can be overcome as the Flexview Systems give you the ability to locate the TV monitor where the patient can see it.   This capability greatly enhances the  viewing experience, as the TV screen will be in view whether the patient is seated upright or fully reclined.  The Flexview systems can display any visual media to your patients, whether it be educational content, viewing x-rays, discussing treatment plans, or just simple entertainment and relaxation.  The patented design of the swivel / swinging arm presents unique capabilities that are simply not available with other monitor mount systems.  You won’t find a better dental chair monitor mount around!

While the Flexview systems are often utilized in the field of dentistry, they can also be used in hospital exam rooms, medical offices, university laboratories and a variety of other facilities.  They can be used for endoscopy procedures, digital imaging, patient diagnosis and discussions, entertainment and more.

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Flexview Monitor Mount - www.impactmediasystems.com

Impact Media’s flagship product for the delivery of multi-media to patients is the Flexview Pro, a unique swivel arm monitor mount.  The ground-breaking design of the Flexview Pro has been impressing doctors and pPreview Changesatients alike with it’s large HD screen and it’s tremendous mobility. The Flexview Pro can be installed on most dental track light brands making integration seamless.  The overhead multi-axis arm gives you 330 degrees of rotation on the upper and lower axis, 2ft+ of vertical movement, and can travel back and forth on the track light.  It can be placed out of view and out of the way, or directly in view for the patients in any position their chair is placed.

Fitting on most brands of track lights including Adec, Midmark, Pelton & Crane, and more — the Flexview Pro can be attached to your existing track platform with ease.

Flexview Jr Monitor Mount - www.impactmediasystems.com

The Flexview Jr is unique as it is available as both a stationary ceiling or wall mounted system, and as a track mountable solution.  The Flexview Jr lets you position your monitor where it is always in view, making it ideal for case presentation, patient education and entertainment during procedures.  The Flexview Jr’s patented and industry leading  balanced movement comes at a very attractive price!

Interested in integrating the Flexview Mount in with your track light?  The Flexview can fit on Pelton & Crane, Adec, Midmark, Marus, and other track brands.




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