Client Testimonials

Dr. Beth Cook:

“I have been extraordinarily pleased with my Flexview™ system. It is a tremendous help in my pediatric dental practice…” (read more)


Melanie Andrews, DDS:

“Impact Media Systems gave me many solutions for Audio Visual impact… and the Flexview is the most wow factor system….”


John O’Horo DMD:

Impact Media is pleased to provide Dr. Horo with a leading edge multi-media technology experience, listen how:


Dr. Patrick Broome:

Listen how Dr. Broome provides audio/video entertainment options for his patients:


Dr. Michael Scott:

The Flexview makes doing dentistry more easy.  All in all, a great system with great support, I highly recommend it!


Dr. Homer Tourkakis:

“…seems that we have been selling a lot more dentistry as a result of [the Flexviews].” (read more)


Dr. Robert Lowe:

Listen how Dr. Lowe describes how technology by Impact Media puts the patient out of our world and into their world for a better experience.


Mash Ameri DDS:

“We are very pleased with Impact Media Systems and the Flexview System.” (read more)

Dr. Barry Sautter:

“A couple of years ago, I replaced a competitor’s track monitor mounts with the Flexview Systems.  The Flexviews have been working well and I’m very happy with them.”

Dr. Eric:

“We appreciate your support and willingness to go above and beyond to see our project through.  We are quite satisfied.”

Dr. Scott Gore:

“It creates an incredible Wow factor. Patients think you are the most high tech dentist in town…” (read more)

Dr. Ira Halper

Impact Media has been fabulous in implementing the design, the installation, and the continued follow up when the need arises.

Dr. Steven Ray:

Today was our first day to have the Flexview™ System in the Office. Wow! What a positive response…why did I wait?” (read more)

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