Happy New Year — With a look back at Old Technology

Happy New Year! As we just recently flipped the calendar forward another year, we look ahead to the exciting changes that may take place in technology this year. Will Apple release the iPhone 8 to celebrate the iPhones 10th anniversary?   Will TVs be so thin that you can put them on walls like wallpaper? How soon will 4k high definition video be the standard?

If your patients are looking to get the best technology in most areas of their lives, shouldn’t they expect the Audio/Video and multi-media technology to be up to date in your dental or medical office?

Here’s a fun look back at old technology, that was “modern” at one point:

Pre 1970 Dental Chair:                                                    The Flat Screen TV of 1948:
Dental Chair                                Dental TV

The majority of the time the patients spend in your practice will be in the operatories or exam rooms. How well can you educate your patients, and keep them entertained during treatment? Having a HDTV monitor in good viewing position will not only help the patient enjoy their visit more – but also provide you with a platform for patient education and consultation. In addition, background music throughout your dental office and in individual rooms is a great way for patients to relax. Check out www.impactmediasystems.com/products-services for more details.

Side Monitor Mount for Patient Education:               Retrofit an LED light onto your existing light:
Side Wall Monitor Mount

SDS LED Dental Light