Delivering High Impact Technology Solutions To Your Practice

Since the mid 1990’s, Impact Media Systems has provided customized solutions to outfit Dental Offices as well as a variety of other facilities with the latest in multi-media technology. 

What Makes Your Practice Stand Out?

Customer appeal is a necessary part of attracting new customers and keeping existing ones coming back in the doors. We provide solutions that will not only allow your practice to successfully operate (Network/data cable, internet, cable TV and VoIP installation), but that will provide your patients with functional entertainment and education to allow your practice stand above the fray.  Whether your practice is being built from the ground up or is already in operation, our products and services ranging from medical and dental monitor mounts to digital signage solutions can give your business the edge it needs.

Our Services

 Specialized Monitor Mounts       

We utilize our custom patient monitor mounts to fit nearly any environment.  Our proprietary swivel arm Flexview Monitor Mounts, ICW Monitor Mounts as well as our other ceiling, wall, and dental chair mounts provided an enhanced viewing experience for patients.

Audio / Video Installation             

We synchronize audio and video systems throughout entire facilities to provide a professional grade look and sound, that will keep customers around.

Choice Media - Your Custom TV Channel

Entertain, educate AND MARKET your practice and products through Choice Media.  Choice Media offers the ability to feature personalized video content to patients that displays information and entertainment that is relevant to your business.

VoIP Phone Systems

We employ the latest Voice over IP technology that not only significantly reduces phone bills but also adds variety of features not available on standard phones.

Network/Data Cable Installation

Full backbone data cabling and server rack setups as well as simple modifications and upgrades

Dental Overhead LED Lights

LED and Halogen overhead lighting solutions and retrofit LED light heads for upgrading halogen lights.

We work with you to provide full or partial installation according to your needs.  Click here to contact us and receive a free consultation.

Technology Services

Since the 1990’s we’ve provided leading edge technology solutions to dental, medical, universities & many other businesses

Media Technology Hub


Our audio/video designed systems employ the latest technology to maximize your impact with patient education and case presentation

Monitor Mounts

We specialize in providing monitor mount solutions that fit your dental or medical needs, with products including the Flexview System

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